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Mansker Cemetery, Rockwood, IL - Enumeration

I recently received a handwritten enumeration of the graves in the old Mansker Cemetery in Rockwood, Illinois.
The contributor wishes to remain anonymous, but assures me that the enumeration was done by an actual visit to the cemtery. Items enclosed in parentheses have been supplied by this person's research into the Samuel Mansker family
So thank you, anonymous contributor!

Bruner, Mahaly14 Jun 184425 Jan 1864Wife of Daniel (daughter of Samuel)
Cutrell, Melissa11 Dec 1875(Stepson m. Dau Wm Griffith) Abt 64 y
Grenwalt, Elizabeth28 Nov 18052 Nov 1838(Wife of Wm Greenwall Related to Griffith)
Griffith, Ambrose15 Jun 18182 Jul 1845(Son of John & Mary)
Griffith, Clark7 Nov 185029 Jul 1851(Son of Wm & Elizabeth)
Griffith, Elizabeth24 May 181627 May 1851(1st Wife Wm, Daughter of Joel Crain & Elizabeth Mansker)
Griffith, Infant12 Aug 188310 Mo Son of JW & Martha (James son of William)
Griffith, John28 Mar 183929 May 1861Son of Wm & Elizabeth
Griffith, John27 Feb 1783Jul 1838(Husband of Mary, father of Wm & Ambrose)
Griffith, Margaret23 Feb 186723 Feb 1867Daugher of Wm & Nancy
Griffith, Martin27 Dec 185427 Dec 1854(Son of Wm & Nancy)
Griffith, Mary178618 Oct 1844(Wife of John)
Griffith, Nancy(1833)3 Jan 188350 y Wife of William (son of John & Mary)
Griffith, William(1813)21 Jul 188168 y 4 m 6 d (son of John & Mary)
Griffith, Edgar Everett2 Sep 18873 Sep 1887(Son of James & Martha no stone)
Kirk, Addaliza(20 Jan) 18571939Wife of Stephen S (Daughter of Samuel)
Kirk, Elvaretta(1877)23 Feb 18803 y 1 m 6 d (Daughter of Stephen & Addaliza)
Kirk, Emma F1904Wife of John S.
Kirk, John S18971937
Kirk, Kenneth Smith18 Feb 189724 Jan 1937Illinois Private 24 Eng
Kirk, Nannie A
Kirk, Ora L(1889)13 Apr 18901 y 6d (Daugher of Stephen & Addaliza)
Kirk, Stephen S18421925(Husband of Addaliza, dau of Samuel)
Kirk, William M
Mansker, Alonzo (Tinnen)4 Jul 18558 Sep 1878Adopted son of Samuel
Mansker, Alton(8 Feb 1822)22 Mar 18265 m 2 d (son of Samuel)
Mansker, Amanda(6 Nov 1831)(9) 24 Sep 184312 y 10 m (daugher of Samuel & Nancy)
Mansker, Brice (Bruce)(17 Oct 1829)(21) 20 Aug 18355 y 10 m 5 d (son of Samuel & Nancy)
Mansker, Elizabeth9 Mar 1815(19) Sep 1853Wife of Samuel (nee Bartley)
Mansker, Ellen D. (Douglas)(17 Apr 1834)(6) 16 Dec 184310 y 10 m 12 d (daughter of Samuel & Nancy)
Mansker, Emer A (Emma)16 Dec 18576 Feb 1932Wife of Nelson (nee Moore, middle name Addabert)
Mansker, Everett (A)13 Oct 18812 m 24 d (son of Nelson & Emma)
Mansker, Infant Daughter8 Feb 189527 Feb 1895(daughter of Herman & Mary Kinnison)
Mansker, James(23 Nov 1836)29 Nov 18365 d (son of Samuel & Nancy)
Mansker, Henry Clay13 Aug 184211 Apr 1863(son of Sam & Nancy)
Mansker, Mary C15 Dec 186618 Apr 1898(Daughter of Herman and Mary)
Mansker, Matilda(18 Dec 1824)26 Jul 18257 m (daughter of Samuel & Nancy)
Mansker, Nancy27 Nov 184442 y 5 m 20 d, Consort of Samuel (nee Crawford)
Mansker, Nancy21 Jul 18242 Sep 1902wife of Samuel (nee Nelson)
Mansker, Nelson C (Crain)3 Nov 185816 Apr 1918(husband of Emma Moore)
Mansker, Samuel16 Dec 17959 Jan 188589 y 22 d
Mansker, Uri(2 Aug 1817)24 Mar 18265 m 2 d (son of Samuel)
Mansker, Wm Rodney(1 Jan 1840)(5) Oct 18466 y 9 m (son of Samuel)
Mansker, William8 May 184849 y 11 m 13 d (brother of Samuel)
Mansker, William Rodney12 Oct 185718 Oct 1857(son of Robert Bruce)
Mansker, Wilson(17 Aug 1819)6 Jan 183515 y 7 m 20 d (son of Samuel & Nancy)
Moore, Eliza18341894(Wife of Owen Moore)
Moore, John17 Nov 18136 May 1862
Moore, Lewrany6 Mar 182711 Dec 1867Wife of John 40 y 9 m 5 d (Daugher of Samuel)
Moore, Mary Ellen25 Jul 18675 m 24 d, daughter of Newton & Dicey (nee Mansker)
Pearson, Elvira13 Jan 183610 Mar 185620 y 1 m 27 d (daughter of Samuel, married Absolom Pearson)
Rushing, Ada A13 Nov 18981 m 10 d, daugher of Robert & Josie
Rushing, Theresa(30 Nov 1851)18 Jan 188533 y 1 m 18 d, wife of Jason (daughter of Samuel)
Sivbert, Barbara (Sievert)15 Mar 189511 May 1851Wife of William (nee Tinney/Tinnen, daughter Eliza m. Owen Moore; Eliza's daughter Emma A married Nelson Crain Mansker)
Sivbert, William12 Aug 180030 Dec 1843
Van Zandt, Jonas H16 Apr 18417 Jul 1853
Wheat, Annie S5 Oct 191011 Oct 1910Daughter of Albert L. (Connected to Griffiths)