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The John Henry Mansker Family

The John Henry Mansker Family
The John Henry Mansker Family,
circa 1911

John Henry was the son of William Henry Mansker, and grandson of Michael W. Mansker. In the photo are John Henry and his second wife, Arminta Sullivant Mansker. The little girl in the center is Rosa Mae Mansker, b. 24 Oct 1907. The little boy on the left is Wiley Mansker; the girl standing behind John Henry is Mae Mansker; the other girl behind Arminta is Minnie Mansker; the boy on the right is Earnest. The other two boys are Dudley and John Leslie, but it is unknown which is which.
The baby in Arminta's lap is Beulah, John and Arminta's first child; all of the other children are from his first marriage to Zelpha Rae; she died in 1907 in childbirth.