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Philip & Caroline Mansker

Philip & Caroline Mansker
Philip Mansker (1877-1946) &
Caroline Mansker (1879-1952)

They were the son and daughter of James A. Mansker and Mary Elizabeth Naylor, and grandchildren of Michael W. Mansker
Philip Mansker was an ordained minister. Following the death of his wife at a young age, he raised the six children by himself. He never remarried.

Photo taken circa 1897.

It was not until she read an attorney's letter dated 18 August 1943 that Caroline Dolly Mansker learned of her family birth records: "Caroline Mansker was born September 5, 1879, being the 7th child of James Mansker and Elizabeth Naylor Mansker." Until this time, she had believed that her date of birth was August 22, 1878, and that her first name was Dolly. She married Allen Simmons and had six children.