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Samuel Elzie "Doc" Mansker

Samuel Elzie 'Doc' Mansker

Samuel Elzie "Doc" Mansker (1872-1953)

Doc was another son of John S. Mansker (see the Manskers at War Page)and a great-grandson of George Mansker, Sr..
When I was a kid living on the dairy farm in Bristow, OK, circa 1952, Uncle Doc came to visit. He spent a number of days with us, and one day when my father's brother, Uncle Dick, came over to visit, Uncle Doc told them that he knew where "Outlaw Gold" was buried in the Brushy Mountains east of Muskogee, OK, and he tried to talk the two of them into going over there with him and digging it up.
Unfortunately, my father and my uncle brushed this off as the lunatic ravings of an old man. But...naturally...several years later a developer bought up that section of the country to build homesites, and he found the stash of gold that Uncle Doc knew was there all along.
He was the brother of Newt, Will, Fate, Rosanna and Minnie Alice Mansker.
Photo taken circa 1945.