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David Newton Mansker

David Newton Mansker
David Newton Mansker (1878-1923)

"Newt" was a son of John S. Mansker (see the Manskers at War Page), grandson of William Mansker, and a great-grandson of George Mansker, Sr.; he also was my grandfather.
Family legend has it that Newt and his brother Will were running bootleg whiskey out of Arkansas into Oklahoma by train. Somehow they got word that they were going to be robbed when the train stopped for water. Newt jumped out of a boxcar and got the drop on the robbers by aiming a Winchester rifle at them; after that he was nicknamed "Crockett".
He was the brother of Will, Doc, Fate, Rosanna and Minnie Alice Mansker.
Newt died of pneumonia and is buried in Three Rivers Cemetery, near Okay, OK.
Photo taken circa 1905.