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Searchable Database of Mansker Minsker Family
    Ludwig Mäintzger
  1. Ludwig Mäintzger, The Immigrant Ancestor of the Mansker-Minsker Families
  2. A Family "Coat of Arms"
  3. Ludwig, the Chest, and the Indian: Two Family Legends
  4. Descendants of Ludwig Mäintzger to Six Generations
  5. The Ship Christian Passenger Manifest
  6. The "Usual Oaths" of Allegiance and Abjuration
  7. The Last Will & Testament of Ludwig Mäintzger

  8. Origin and Variations of the Family Name
  9. The Neureut Controversy: Will the Real Ludwig Mäintzger Please Stand Up?
  10. The REAL Ludwig Mäintzger Uncovered? New and Compelling Evidence of Our German Origins
  11. A Video Slideshow Visit to Merchengen
  12. Merchingen Maps

    Kasper Mansker
  13. Kasper Mansker, Tennessee Legend
  14. Kasper Mansker: Cumberland Frontiersman, by Walter T. Durham
  15. Episodes from The Winning of the West -- excerpts from Theodore Roosevelt's massive study on the expansion of the frontier.
  16. Historic Mansker Station, Where itís Always 1780
  17. Mansker Station Photo Album

    Other Manskers
  18. George Mansker, American Pioneer
  19. George Mansker Jr. and the Mystery of His Wives
  20. John Mansker and the Frontier Wars
  21. Samuel Mansker of Rockwood, Illinois
  22. The Will of Samuel Mansker
  23. Samuel Mansker's Land, a 19th Century Drawing
  24. Moore vs. Mansker; Thaddeus Mansker Sued
  25. The Old Mansker Cemetery near Rockwood, Illinois
  26. The Old Mansker Cemetery Enumeration
  27. The Old Mansker Cemetery, Randolph County, Arkansas
  28. John Mansker And the Great Salt Expedition of 1800
  29. Manskers at War: The Military Service of the Mansker-Minsker Men
  30. Benjamin Minsker Retires 1932, Dies 1934
  31. "Blind Bill" Ingram Biographical Sketch
  32. Descendants of John Mansker & Elizabeth Dugger
  33. The Murder of Clarence Ralph Mansker
  34. The Murder of John B. Mansker
  35. Albert Mansker: Last of the Arkansas Train Robbers
  36. Contemporary Newspaper Accounts of the Last Arkansas Train Robbery.
  37. The African-American Manskers
  38. John Mansker's Slaves
  39. The 1885 German Immigrant Manskers
  40. The "Missing Manskers": Manskers Who Don't Fit In
  41. The Manskirch Manskers from 19th Century Russia
  42. Historic Minsker News, Dauphin County PA
  43. Dennis Mansker Your Host & Webmaster

    Public Records
  44. Alabama Land Records
  45. Arkansas Land Records
  46. Arkansas Marriage Records
  47. California Death Records
  48. Illinois Land Records
  49. Illinois Marriage Records
  50. Missouri Land Records
  51. Texas Death Records
  52. Texas Marriage Records
  53. 1790 Census Dauphin Co, PA
  54. 1850 Census Lawrence Co, AR
  55. 1850 Census Pope Co, AR

    Family Stories
  56. Family Stories
  57. Mansker Family Stories: The Early Years, by Gail Gibbons Mansker
  58. Paul's Place -- a Mansker poem by William H. Mansker

  59. The Texas Manskers and Eastland County
  60. The Schmick Brothers of Eastland County
  61. The Alameda Cemetery Historical Marker in Eastland County
  62. Chuck Johnstonís Essay in Support of the Alameda Cemetery Marker

    In the News: Historical Newspaper Accounts of the Mansker Family
  63. Historic Minsker News, Dauphin County PA
  64. Historical News: Lawmen and Outlaws
  65. Historical News: Texas
  66. Historical News: Oregon and Washington
  67. Historical News: Tampa, Florida

  68. Photo Gallery
  69. Family Photographs
  70. Mansker Station
  71. Eastland County, Texas
  72. Minsker Cemetery
  73. Dauphin Cemetery
  74. Rockwood Cemetery
  75. 1999 Family Reunion
  76. Neureut, Germany
  77. Fogle Family Photographs
  78. "Mystery" Photographs: Who Are These People?

  79. Miscellaneous Pages
  80. Unique Family Crest Items -- great for gifts
  81. In the News -- Mansker and Minsker family members in the news
  82. Privacy Statement
  83. Guide to Researching Mansker-Minsker Ancestors
  84. A Native American Connection to the Mansker Family?
  85. Inquiries -- Can you help?
  86. Deaths in the Family
  87. The Man From Mainz, the official family newsletter.
  88. Mansker-Minsker Burials in National Cemeteries
  89. Conrad Richter and the Minsker Stories
  90. A Visit to Clark's Valley, complete with photographs
  91. Valley from the Past by Conrad Richter -- his homage to life in Clark's Valley.
  92. The M*nsker Line -- Descendant Charts
  93. The M*nsker Line Submission Form
  94. Mansker Series -- The Official Family Dirt
  95. Sources and Bibliography
  96. The Mansker Chronicles Bookstore, in Association with
  97. The Mansker Chronicles Music Store , also in Association with
  98. On the Web: Links to other Web Sites
  99. The World Book of Manskers: A Cautionary Note
  100. Site Information Notes on preferred font, screen resolution, Java and Javascript, and Web Browsers