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Welcome to The Mansker Chronicles Music Store. Like the Bookstore, the Music Store is an Associate of, Earth’s Biggest Store. I have identified some music that I thought was appropriate for a visit into our family's history. The CDs identified below are well worth having, and you can explore the entire Amazon catalog with just a click of the mouse. Don't have a CD player? Don't worry, you can also buy one from -- or you can purchase most of these CDs in a cassette tape format.

How it Works:

Just click on the title of any of the books listed below. You will be taken to the website where you can order the book. If you want to order more, there is a "shopping basket" where you can deposit your book, then hit the "back" button on your browser to return to this page for another selection.

When you are finished, will take your credit card number, over a secure connection, and send your books to you.

If you prefer not to use your credit card over the Internet, you can fax the information, or mail a check or money order.

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If you want to look for other books, or music, videos, toys or electronics, that are not listed below, just use this handy search box to explore all of You can search by title, author, subject matter or key words. Go ahead and explore Earth's Biggest Store!
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Oktoberfest in Germany
Various Artists

Eighteen tracks of festive German music -- makes you feel that you're in Munich whenever you play it! So pop it in your CD player, pour yourself a nice cold one, and close your eyes ... you're almost there. A real Bavarian (living in Munich) says, "This is one of the best Oktoberfest music compilations. Listen, take a big glass of beer (1 Liter) and enjoy !!!!!!!!!!"

German Drinking and Beer Garden Songs: 14 All-time Favorites
Various Artists

The reason why German albums sold in North America are so often compilations of beer-drinking songs such as this compilation of 14 all-time favorites from the Bavarian Beer Singers is that drinking beer is very important in Germany. Not because the beer is so good, indeed a good reason per se, but because it is a venue to socialize and enjoy the company of other people. All Germans know most if not all of these songs by heart--from "Trink, Trink, Brüderlein Trink" to "Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit"--and they can evoke homesickness or nostalgia.

Germany: Journey Down the Rhine
Various Artists

Eighteen tracks of traditional German music recreate a journey down the mighty Rhine River. You can just imagine Ludwig and his small family as they travel down the river on their way to the New World Colonies.

Colonial & Revolution Songs (American History Through Folksong)
Rusty McNeil

Two-CD collection of songs from the days of the British Colonies through the American Revolution, with a short narratvie bridge between the songs. "A fresh breath of realistic relief from Disneyized history", according to one reviewer.

Music of the American Revolution: The Birth of Liberty
Various Artists

Twenty tracks of patriotic music celebrating the Age of Revolution.

Revolution: Songs of the Revolutionary War
John Mock

Experience the sounds of authentic Colonial music. John Mock, whose heritage and passion lies in the American Revolutionary War takes you on this journey with the sounds of guitar, penny whistle, recorders, mandolin, and snare drums.

Liberty Tree: Early American Music 1776 - 1861
Various Artists

Another collection of 26 tracks celebrating the first century of the American Republic, up to the Civil War.

The Civil War - Traditional American Songs And Instrumental Music Featured In The Film By Ken Burns: Original Soundtrack Recording
Various Artists

Evocative, moving, soulful -- what can be said about the great Ken Burns documentary? Now own the soundtrack to the best documentary ever seen on television. Twenty-eight great tracks on two CDs, and not a clinker in the bunch. Highly recommended.

Songs of the Civil War
Various Artists

Prompted by the success Ken Burns's popular Civil War documentary (see above), Songs of the Civil War presents an eclectic assortment of contemporary performers tackling period pieces that date back to the War Between the States. You'll hear a surprising group of artists here, including Richie Havens, Judy Collins, Hoyt Axton, Waylon Jennings and many more.

Smithsonian Folkways American Roots Collection
Various Artists

A collection of important American folk music from the Smithsonian. This CD covers American folk music from its beginning and leaves you wanting more.

Appalachian Stomp: Bluegrass Classics
Various Artists

From the Flatt & Scruggs classic from Bonnie and Clyde, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, to the old standby, Rocky Top, here is a collection of the most well-known bluegrass recordings. If you want an excellent introduction to this genre of American folk music, you couldn't get a better one than this, and if you're already a fan, you'll love the fact that all of your favorites are collected onto one CD. Buy one for yourself and two for gifts!

Heartland: An Appalachian Anthology
Various Artists

The likes of Yo-Yo Ma, Sam Bush, Edgar Meyer, Joshua Bell, and Mark O'Connor can be heard on Heartland, a compilation featuring the best tracks from Sony's ongoing Appalachian-themed series of CDs. Individually, these folk and classical stars have little in common, but when they meet to play these new bluegrass-meets-chamber-music arrangements, the results are pure magic. It's hard to pinpoint these Americana-tinged tunes--they could fit in either Carnegie Hall or a grange hall--but they're all great.

Anthology of American Folk Music (Edited by Harry Smith)
Various Artists

This impressive--and frankly, fun--musical document is still sending out shock waves almost 50 years after its original 1952 vinyl release. The Smithsonian's six-CD reissue is painstakingly researched, annotated, and packaged (even boasting an enhanced disc for the techno-capable). Unlike field recorders, eccentric filmmaker/collector/musicologist Harry Smith assembled the Anthology from commercially released (though obscure) 78 rpm discs issued between 1927 and 1935. Its broad scope--from country blues to Cajun social music to Appalachian murder ballads--was monumentally influential, setting musicians like Bob Dylan down the path to folk fandom. The White House started its own national music library with the Anthology; anyone with more than a passing interest in American roots music should do the same. Highly recommeded.