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Can anyone help these people with their searches?
If you want to post your own inquiry, please it to me and I'll post it here.
Be sure to also check out the "Missing Manskers" Page as well as the Mansker Family Genealogy Forum on


If you've posted anything here or on the M*nsker Line page and you've changed your email address, please send me an email at so I can keep your contact information accurate and up-to-date.

From Judy Montford

My great grandparents were Nelson Crain and Emer Moore Mansker and I would like to know if anyone has pictures of them?

From Ross Mansker

I am interested in looking up my fathers geanology. He was from St. Louis/ Memphis area. His name was Chester Delmore Mansker. His father's name was Samuel B. Mansker. Do you have any ideas where to look?

I don't have Chester Delmore in my database, but I do have a Samuel Brown Mansker, who was the son of Robert Bruce Mansker, who in turn was one of the sons of Samuel Mansker of Randolph Co, IL. Samuel Brown was born in 1870, so he may be a little old, generationally speaking, to be your grandfather. However, he also had a son also named Samuel B Jr., but I don't have any more information on him.
Can anyone help?

From Herb Tennyson

My wife is the descendant of Richard Mansker and Sarah Jane Cockrum. The problem we face is, the last time we can find a solid record of the two of them together is in the 1880 census in Blair township, Clay county Illinois.
Recorded with them were son William age 4, Mary Geneva age 2, a brother George age 14 and an adult named Dudly. We also know that both William and Mary Geneva ended up in McAlister I.T. where they both married.
Any help would be appreciated.

From Dan Wright

Henry Casper Mansker son of John G Mansker # 4 son of Lewis # 3 , son of George # 2 who was the son of Ludwig Maintzger # 1 . It's hard not to know who your real family is. Do you by any chance know who might have the family line of John Sweazea ( Swezey, Swezy , Sweazy ) son of John Sweazea and Christina ( Mansker ) Sweazea ??? We know that he was married to Our G-Grandmother and he must of died soon after because she remarried about 9 months later .
Any help you can give would be nice

From Claudette Hackworth

Is there anyone out there with information regarding Albert Mansker being an alias for John Hill, born the son of Thomas Hill and Mary Dubois?

Interesting question. Albert Mansker was the last of the Arkansas train robbers, and his parentage is questionable.
Any takers on this?

From Ann Manscoe Fretz

I am a "Manscoe" from Mississippi. I am just beginning on the genealogy search of our family. I remember as a child helping my father do searches and stomping through cemeteries trying to fill in the blanks. parents died in 1979 rather suddenly. Hence I have little to go on and don't remember much about tracing the family tree. Any morsel or thread that you could throw my way would be greatly appreciated.
I have printed your instructions on starting the basic research and will purchase the suggested books. grandfather's name was William Paul Manscoe and we think that his father was a William John Manscoe. My father was William Paul Manscoe, Jr. and was born in 1920.

From Jennifer Ross

I put my Mansker line on your site a few years ago hoping that someone would see my gg-grandmothers name and have some info about her. But no one has commented on my info.
Her name is Theresa Mansker. She is the daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Mansker. She is legitimate. She was born after Samuel & Elizabeth were married. Theresa married my gg-grandfather Jason Rushing in 1869.
Theresa died in 1885 and is buried in Rockwood Cemetery in Ill. She was only 33 years old and i would love to know what happened to her.
Does anyone have any info on her? No one in my family knows about her life.

From Connie Gummersheimer

This is in reference to the following which is posted on your site:
"Samuel's third marriage on 26 February 1854, to Elizabeth Mason, was brief. According to one of his granddaughters, he 'run Miss Mason off' after a few brief but strife-filled months." [Note: See the Samuel Mansker page.]
Do you have any more information on this Elizabeth and their union? Were they divorced? Did his granddaughter have any more to say about her? She was my gggg-grandmother. Any info is appreciated.

From Andrew Mansker Ketchings

I was trying to figure out where my family fits in, my father's mother's mother (obviously my great-grandmother) was Angeline Mansker. She was born in Clinton, LA. Her father was James E. Mansker, and I think he was born in or around Baton Rouge. Thanks

Update from Carolyn Allen: Since her father's name is James E. Mansker, and they lived in Louisiana, I can tell her that they are descended from James Elliott Mansker of Greene Co., Alabama. According to the 1860, Alabama Census of Mobile County, Ala, this James E. Mansker was born in PA in 1797. I think he is the brother of my missing Mansker, David [see below]. The 1860 James Elliott moved from Greene Co, Ala, and is on the 1840 or 1850 Louisiana census from East Baton Rouge Parish. At some point, he moved back to Alabama and remarried and lived in Mobile on the 1860 census. Please get in touch with me at my e-mail address: .

From Danny Stutts

Hello. I am looking for my family. My grandmothers nane is Bernice Knuckles May Southern. Her mother was Dasiy Mansker Knuckles. From what my grandmother has told me, Grandmother Daisy was raised in Illinois, along with many other siblings. She also told me that when Daisy married her husband (my great-grandfather), her family never had anything to do with her again.
My grandmothers memory isn't very clear, so I am not sure of what acctually happened. If anyone knows of this family, please let me know. I'd love to hear about my ancestors.
Thank You!!

From Barbara Mansker Arnold

When my father, Joe Everett Mansker, was a young man, he had a "difference of opinion" with his father, Henry Elias Mansker. Dad left home and went to Montana to stay with his uncle on his ranch near Saco, Montana. Since Dad was born in 1905, this was probably in the early 1920's. I don't know how long Dad stayed there.
I would like to find any information on Lemuel Leonard Mansker. According to Dad and other family members (all now deceased), Lem Mansker had two brothers, Jim Mansker and Follis Mansker. I am unsure of the spelling of Follis, so I spelled it as it was pronounced to me. Lem, Jim, & Follis are said to the the sons of Thomas Edison Mansker. However, they are not from either of the two marriages that we have records of, Emma Motley, m. 1872, and Paralee Eldridge, m. 1873. The 1930 census for Phillips, Montana, shows Lemuel Mansker to be 65 years old, which would have him born about 1865, too early to be borne by either of Thomas Edison's two listed wives. Therefore, I believe Thomas Edison had another wife, before the two listed, who bore Lem, Jim, and Follis.

Does anyone out there have any information to clear up this "Mansker Mystery".

[Note: Henry Elias Mansker was the son of Thomas E. Mansker and the grandson of William Henry Mansker (see the Texas Manskers). This is the first mention I've seen of Manskers in Montana, and Saco is fairly close to Miles City, so I'm guessing that the Jim Mansker (see the Missing Manskers) who was killed in a Miles City gunfight in 1894 was this Jim Mansker. Any takers?]

From Pat Paxton

I am hoping someone among my Mansker cousins can add some missing pieces to the bits of information I recently re-discovered regarding the lineage of Michael W. Mansker.

I took the time to carefully go through the folders of notes & narratives that go back over 50 years, as well as to re-read my grandma's diary & her scrapbook notations, in the hope of picking up on something I might have previously missed. As a result, I strongly suspect Michael was the son of William; grandson of George; & great-grandson of Ludwig, for the following reasons:

  1. My grandma "Dolly" Caroline & her brothers William & Philip were orphaned & raised by their stepmother, Caroline Stroud Mansker, even though Martha Ann, their grandmother was still living until my grandmother was at least 20 years old. My grandma never met her grandmother Mansker, even though she lived in a nearby county in southern Illinois. The reason given was that "the family was split because of the war, & never reconciled." It's possible Michael's sentiments were like those of his family in Missouri & Arkansas, with the Confederacy, which would have caused the split when two of his sons joined the Illinois Volunteers. James Mansker, my great-grandfather, did not return to his parents' home after his discharge in 1865.

  2. I am going to assume it was Michael who was mentioned as being "raised by a relative other than his parents," since the comment was made in connection with James' children being raised by "someone" else. Could that "someone" have been Granny Mansker? Michael would have been nine years old when William died, & may have been sent to live with "Granny."

  3. In October of 1948, my mom's cousin, Raymond Mansker of Flint, Michigan, visited our family in northern Illinois before heading south to visit his uncle, Billy Mansker, near Carbondale, Illinois. (I remember the date because Ray asked my mom, brother & me to come with him, but I refused to go because I was entertainment chairman for our 7th grade Halloween party that same week.) During that visit with Uncle Billy Mansker, Ray first learned we had cousins in Texas, where those family members had been since just after the Civil War. Billy Mansker told Ray the county in which they lived, (unknown to me) & Ray decided to make the trip to find his long lost cousins. Through hours of research at the county court house, Ray & staff members found a marriage license for a daughter & then found the name in the local phone book. This Mansker cousin lived only blocks from the court house, so Ray drove there & knocked on her door. Ray told me in the early 1970s that the woman he saw through the screen door was his mirror image, & her first words to him were, "Who ARE you?" She was tall, big boned & had thick dark hair & dark eyes. If she truly did look that much like Ray, I can say she was a very nice looking woman & undoubtedly had a beautiful smile. She had a sister who lived a short distance away, & they ended up at her home later in the day. The sister was short, fair & was not as interested in family connections as the first sister.

  4. Michael is listed as a Wheelwright in the 1850 Census. As a fatherless child, he could have served as an apprentice to learn his trade, since I have not found any other wheelwrights in the family.

  5. There are too many of the same names for children to be a coincidence:
    William's children:        Michael's children:
    Elizabeth Mary Elizabeth:
    Louisa William Henry
    George James A.
    John R. Lewis
    Mary Joseph:
    Lydia Franklin Pierce
    William Henry
    I know from my years of genealogical research, that families used the same names over & over, which of course makes researching easier in one respect, but more complex in others. But it holds true in all family branches of my family tree.

    Somewhere out there is someone who can add something to this enigma. Perhaps someone has a collection of old family records, a diary or family Bible with some clue as to where Michael & his descendants "hang" on the Mansker family tree.
    Another Mystery Solved! Michael Mansker connected to the rest of the family! Pat Paxton herself, through sheer grit and dogged determination, has established that he was, in fact, a son of Lewis Mansker and Elizabeth "Betsy" Simpkins.

From Bill Mansker

For a number of years, I have searched for the girl Sallie, listed under the John S. Mansker family in the 1870 Ark census. I had thought of a number of possibilities but finally concluded she may have died prior to the 1880 census.
For some time, I have been corresponding with an Allen family researcher who has proposed the following theory. Sallie was not a child of John S. and Margaret Allen Mansker, but the younger sister of Margaret Sarah Allen. Her mother having died, David had remarried Ann Hodges in 1864. David died in November 1865 and I believe she was taken by the Manskers.
In the accounting of the David Allen estate, John S. submitted to the guardian a bill for the care of two of David Allen's heirs. While they are not named, I believe they are John and Sarah.
In 1870, living next door to the Mansker family with the G. W. Macom family was another child of the Allen family, Elizabeth. Keep in mind that G. W. was married to John's sister.
Sarah Allen appears on the 1880 Arkansas as residing with her aunt, Rosanna Macom Pitts Sellars and her husband Daniels. Residing next door is a John Linman, age 23, who Sarah later marries and they locate to Texas.
I am acutely aware this is all inconclusive, but I really am of the opinion this may be the most plausible of the reasons for her disappearance. My search continues for any of her descendants.

From Virginia Tennyson

I have been searching for Mary Geneva Mansker for a long time. She is my great grandmother and I have very little to go on. My grandfather's birth certificate says she was born in Arkansas but does not list when or where.
She married my great grandfather Robert Lee Whitefield at McAlister, Indian Territory, in 1901.
I have a copy of the Choctaw Nation's record of that marriage. (Now located in the archives of the Oklahoma Historical Society in Oklahoma City.)
I was told that she is burried at McAlister, Oklahoma but I have not located her grave yet. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
If it is any help, my grandfather moved to Texarkana, Arkansas as a young man; I don't know the reason why.

From Cynthia McDaniel

For some time [see below] I have been trying to determine the relationship of William Bilderback and Pernicia Ingram to Samuel Mansker. When William died in 1832, Samuel Mansker was appointed the guardian for Gabriel Marion Bilderback, son of William and Pernicia Ingram. Actually the original document says "Francis Marion Bilderback" but I am certain it is the same person because Harvey Clendenin (uncle of the children, he married William Bilderback's sister), was appointed the guardian to Gabriel's sister, Jane Stewart Bilderback, on the same day and because Pernicia shows up on the 1850 Census with Gabriel and Jane as well as on the 1860 Census with Gabriel and his new wife.

Now I have seen photographs that show specifically, that Henry Clay Moore, the son of Samuel Mansker's daughter, Lurancy, looks like our John William McDaniel, Sr. [Note: Here are the photographs -- see for yourself.]

I'm thinking that there is likely to be an Mansker genetic connection, not just a married relationship. It might be in the Ingram line or the Stewart line since both of those lines seem to interact with the Manskers. I haven't been able to determine much on either of those lines yet.

From Thomas J. French

I am looking for info on Rosetta Moore, she married Stephen Edwin Kirk, the son of Stephen Smith Kirk and Addaliza Mansker. Stephen Edwin and Rosetta Moore are the Grandparents of my Godfather, Gerald Cox. I cannot come up with any other info on Rosella Moore anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated.

From Jeanetta Grider Duke

My Grandfather's Grandfather was Andrew Manco (See Photo) -- he served in the 11th Kentucky Regiment Infantry - Company E and he died 02-03-1909. His son was John Manco who married Viola Mae ?, and my Grandfather was Artie Manco who married Shirley Davis.

I would like to know the connection, if any, between the Kentucky Manco family and the Mansker family.
NOTE: Me, too. I've often wondered about this connection. I'm posting the photograph in hopes that someone will be able to help out -- Dennis

From Margaret Moore Gorman

Hre is what I know of the John Moores. There were two of them who both married Mansker women.

I am descended from John (1) who was born in 1813. He married Larancy Mansker and had 9 children, including one named John just to muddy the waters. John (2)was born in 1824 and married Elizabeth Mansker. This Elizabeth would not have been the sister of Samuel Mansker, because she was born in 1794. The genealogy states the 1794 Elizabeth married Joel Crain.

Back to the wives of the John Moores. Larancy married her John in 1840 and Elizabeth married her John in 1850. Both John Moores died about the same time.

I have the copy of the will of John (2). If memory serves, he had 5 children with Elizabeth and they were not the same names nor dates as the children of John and Larancy. Both women were widowed about the same time and remarried. Larancy married a man named Keeton in 1863 (who tradition tells us was a riverboat gambler and gambled away her inheritance). Elizabeth married a man named Teague in 1864. The Moores and the Manskers were intermarried. We do not know the relationship of Elizabeth to Samuel Mansker nor the relationship of the John Moores. There was an Elizabeth Mansker who was the daughter of John Mansker and Martha Shaver who was born about 1832, She is probably the one who married John Moore (2).

If anyone can shed any more light on these complicated relationships, I would appreciate it.

From Joann Porter

Does anyone have a copy of Samuel Mansker's journal? I am trying to find how his son, who was my great-grandfather, died and where he is buried (possibly St. Genevieve, MO).
NOTE: Yes, indeed, I would like to see a copy of it as well. I'd love to put it on this website in its entirety. Can anyone help out? -- Dennis

From Bill Shelton

In Carbondale, Illinois, I found on micro-film, the clerk's entry in Randolph County, Illinois, records for the marriage of Hiram Petitt to Caroline Mansker on 19 January 1851. In 1884, their daughter Catherine, married Ben King, in the home of Hiram Petitt in Alexander County, Illinois.
I cannot find a "Caroline" Mansker as a sister to Jacob Mansker,. but there is a "Fanny Carline". Is this her? I can see Carline being a mis-spelling or mis-understanding of Caroline or visa versa Afte all, they tell me my grandma was Orie Virginy King at birth. A photo of the gravestones of Hiram and Caroline M. Petitt in Thebes shows that she was born 1834, same as Fanny, and she died in 1902.
Can anyone provide the proof that they were one and the same person?
NOTE: Fanny Carline and Jacob Mansker were two of four the children of Lewis Mansker and Jane Cash Smith -- see the Descendants page. I personally am willing to bet good money that this Caroline and Fanny Carline are the same person. Does anyone have any additional information? -- Dennis

From Cynthia McDaniel

Samuel Mansker was appointed guardian to my husband's ancestor: Gabriel (Francis) Marion Bilderback. Gabriel is the son of William Bilderback (son of Ephraim Bilderback and Jane Stewart) and Pernicia Ingram (dau of William E. Ingram and Mary (?)). I can't figure out what connection Samuel has to the family to explain why he was appointed guardian. Harvey Clendenin was appointed guardian of Gabriel's sister, Jane Stewart Bilderback. Harvey married William's sister, Getty Bilderback.
I don't know much about the families of Jane Stewart nor Pernicia Ingram so the connection could be through their lines.
What I do know is that the granddaughter of Ephraim Bilderback and Jane Stewart, Lydia Bilderback, is listed in the 1850 Census (Randolph Co., IL) with John Moore and his family including wife, Elizabeth Mansker, who is sister to Samuel Mansker. That's as close as I can get to a connection between Samuel and the Bilderbacks, except that there's also a Crawford connection: William Crawford, Jr. m. Sarah Bilderback in 1830, but I don't have the connection between him and Nancy Crawford.
NOTE: There was a clear connection to the Mansker and Bilderback families at the time: Hiram Murry Bilderback m. Chloe Emily Frazer March 1908. She was the daughter of Samuel Frazer and Clara Dell Mansker, who in turn was the daughter of Robert Bruce Mansker, who was the son of Samuel Mansker and Elizabeth Bartel. Harvey Bilderback married Genevieve May Mansker, who was the daughter of Herman Cole Mansker, who was the son of Samuel Mansker and Nancy Nelson. Larancy Mansker, the second wife of John Moore, was the daughter of Samuel Mansker and Nancy Crawford.
The further identity of these Bilderbacks is unknown at this time However, I did notice the name "Larancy" recurring in her descendant chart, which is further evidence of a familial connection.
Can anyone shed some light on these connections? -- Dennis

From Stephanie Bertani

I am searching for the family of Robert Monroe Mansker, the son of Doc Mansker of Eastland, Texas. He married two of my great aunts and had at least two children that I know of.
His wife was Frances, or Lillie, and his children were Annie and Louise.
Annie married a man named Akins, and moved to Stigler, Oklahoma.
Louise Mansker lived in Houston for quite a while.
I do not know from my family history, if she married. I may not have connected the photos or the dots, yet. I want to find their decendents, so I can talk to them about our family.

From Jennifer Lewis

I am researching my great-grandfather, Nelson Crain Mansker's son Murry Mansker, and I would like any information that is available. I have been to this and many other websites but have found little information about Murry. My family did not have strong ties and much information is lost.
This is the information I do have: I know that Murry lived in Ill. for several years. My grandfather remembers living there for a while. I don't know the year they moved to St. Paul, Kansas. They lived at a few different locations before settling on Xavier Rd.They were farmers.
Murry married Bertha Tindall and they had 11 or 12, children, among them Murry, Chester, and Jesse Albert (my grandfather). After Murry passed away, his son Chester took care of Bertha, and shared ownership of the farm land. Chester stayed on the farm and became the owner after his mothers death. Chester never married or fathered a child, that we know of, so after his death, the family decided to sell the farm.
I was given a number of pictures and 8mm film reels. Few of these photos are labeled but I do have army and family photos that have been recognized. I am willing to share via US Postal, since I don't have a means of getting these online. Murry, Bertha, Chester, and two other chidren are barried at South Mound Cemetery, South Mound, Kansas. Ruth is buried in McCune, Kansas.

From Kristen Mansker

My grandmother's recent death has resparked in me the urge to get the family tree untangled. We've never been able to track down the connection between my great-grandfather, William Luther Mansker, and the Man from Mainz himself, and I'd appreciate any help anyone could offer.
William Luther Mansker was born in 1889 and died in 1968; his wife was Rosa or Rosalie Davis (Rosalie on my grandfather's death certificate, Rosa according to the family). They had three children: a daughter, Rhonda Louise, and two sons, Delois and Gerald Edward (my grandfather, b. 17 Sept. 1925 in S. Missouri).
I was flipping through the Mansker site, poking around to see if I could find someone else telling an old family story about land between Poplar Bluff and Puxico that was lost in a card game, when I ran onto the Arkansas Marriage Records page.
That lists a Lute Mansker marrying a Rosie L. Davis in 1911, which I think fits too well to be just a coincidence (not that it matters much, as Lute is marked as a Missing Mansker himself). In response to the year listed, my mother points out that great-uncle Delois, oldest of William Luther and Rosalie's children, said he was too young to fight in WWI (1914-8) and too old to fight in WWII (1941-5).
Again, if that sparks anything for anyone, if anyone can offer any help, I'd be much appreciative. :)

From Mildred Mansker Capajin

Hi, I just visited the Mansker website that you have created and it is excellent! The only thing is, I didn't find exaclty what I am searching for and I am hoping you would be able to help me.
My maiden name is Mansker and I wish to find out where I, or where my family fits in the Mansker family tree.
My name is Mildred Mansker Cajapin. I am the daughter of Charles Rex Mansker, who is the son of Leslie Mansker and Maude Whitaker Mansker. My father, Charles Rex Mansker, met my mother, Asuncion Namuco, in the Philippines when he came to fight in the war at Bataan (1942-45). They were married at the Army Base. My father was one of the soldiers who was held as prisoner by the Japanese and never made it back to us. My father didn't even get to see my younger sister, Josephine.
The only information my mother and I have about his family is his parents' names, his siblings' names, Mildred, Dorothy, and Betty, his cousin's name, John, and where they are from, Galvestone, Texas. I also know that my grandmother, Maude Whitaker Mansker, is Hawaiian.
For all these years I have tried to find information about my father's side of the family, I hope you would be able to help me with this. I also hope to someday get aquainted with any relatives, learn more about my family backgound and finally fill the very important missing pieces of my life.

Mystery Solved! A success story! Thanks to this inquiry, the mystery of Mildred's ancestry has been solved. John Mansker of Las Vegas saw this inquiry and immediately recognized Mildred's father as his first cousin. John and Mildred have now made contact and she has been able to connect with her family. Thanks, John, for reading these inquiries and reaching out to your new cousin. Dennis

From Carol Cannon

I am looking for the parents of Cornelius A. "Bud" Mansker, born abt 1887. He married Birdie Kerley in Randolph County, AR. Their marriage affidavit shows that Cornelius A. Mansker (who signed his name at the bottom as Bud Mansker) and Birdie married on Jan 25, 1905. His age is shown as 18 and Birdie's age is shown as 15. It also notes that a written consent of the parents of C.A. Mansker and Birdie Kerley was filed with the affidavit. It shows the man standing bond for Bud was E.A. Kerley, Birdie's cousin, but does not identify his parents.

NOTE: See also the Missing Manskers for more on Bud Mansker; the 1900 census lists his father as Cornelius Jasper Mansker; see also the The Old Mansker Cemetery, Randolph County Page -- Dennis

From Ethel Jordan

I'm looking for my great grandfather David Manskel, Born 1811. I have his marriage bond to Susan Frances Jordan in Bowling Green KY. David's daughter, Susanna Mansco married my grandfather, Commodore Perry Jordan.
According to family legend, David and Sarah were Cherokee, and my father told me that when the government made the Indians go to Oklahoma, a lot of them got scared and took off to difference places and he lost track of them.
My father was Virgil Jordan, his Mother was Susanna Manskel (changed to Mansco). They all lived in Bowling Green KY. I know where Susanna Mansco is buried but I can't find David and Sarah. Sarah died before Susanna married into the Jordan family. Sarah and David were in and out of Tennessee all time. Finally, David was rumored to have been a stow-away on a ship to the USA, and he lived with the Indians in Virginia for a time, where he met Sarah, who was Indian.

From George McIntosh

I'm trying to locate Donald R. Mansker, who was in the Air Force at Goldsboro, North Carolina, during the years 1960-1964.

From Gary McCloud

It has been over two years since I e-mailed you that I was from the Mansco side of the family. I saw the article about Andrew and James Mansco [see "Missing Manskers" Page] and couldn't believe my eyes.
Andrew was my great-great-grandfather. I'm not sure but I think James was his brother, I only know that Andrew survived the war and James didn't. Andrew's family was from Tennessee, and he was the son of David Mansco and Sarah (who was native american, most likely Cherokee). Sometime around the Civil war the s was dropped in the name somehow and Andrew's last name became Manco. the family name stayed Manco until the mid 1920's when my grandfather Garthie Manco got into some trouble with the Army and deserted. he took the name Herbert McCloud and settled in Chillicothe, Ohio.
Do you have any information on the Tennessee Mansco's and any possibilities on who David Mansco's father might be he was born in TN in 1811.

From Lawanna Limback

When my mother died in 12/99, my husband and I went to Oklahoma to gather a few of her personal momentos. I came across my Grandparents marriage certificate and an old photograph negative of my Grandpa Mansker. I don't know when or where the photo was taken and I don't know how old he was. But by the looks of him, I'd say he was in his late 20's or early 30's.
The marriage certificate lists my true Grandfather as, Herman Leo Mansker, of Advance, MO. He married my Grandmother, Daisy Lou Rambo, of St. Louis, MO., on July 5, 1930. However, on his tombstone in Bollinger County, MO, he is listed as Herman Walter Mansker, and my uncle says that he was known as Walter Mansker.
Their marriage produced three children. Clinton,(deceased-1998?), Doyle, (living-Bakersfield,CA.) and Minnie Mae, (my mother, 09/21/40-12/07/99).
While going through my mother's papers, I found photographs that she had taken at a cemetery while she had visited my uncle Clee (Clinton), in MO. prior to his death. Some of the pictures show names of Mansker's as well as Rambo's... all unknown to me since my Grandparents divorced when my mother was about three years old. I grew up thinking that my Grandmother's second husband, Hollis T. Burns, was my true Grandfather. It wasn't until I was around 11 or 12 yrs. old, my mother told me that Grandpa Bill was my "step-Grandpa". That's when I got my "family history lesson" about her real father, Herman Mansker.
My mother told me that her father, whom she didn't know well nor keep in touch with after my Grandparent's divorce, was struck and killed by lightning while he was working for a forestry service when she was about 16 years old. She was pregnant with my big brother at the time. (1956/1957). Weather this is a fact or not, I truly do not know. She said that her mom called her and gave her the news on the day of his death. I never met him, nor, do I know where he lived after he and my Grandmother divorced. Neither my Grandmother nor mother talked about him much and since they are also passed away now, it's hard to ask those questions that I didn't think of asking way back when.
Your web page is both interesting and obviously a labor of love. I found names listing, "Daisy, Doyle and Minnie", but not any that I had hoped to find. I did notice Herman Mansker listed, but can't put him together with any of the other names. Perhaps they could be among your "missing Manskers?".
I also came across a few aged newspaper clippings that my Grandmother must have kept. One especially caught my interest. It is about the death of a Mrs. Joe VanGennip. The memorial clipping does not have a date. The article says that she was the former "Miss Bertie Mansker", and the daughter of Mrs. Edna Mansker and the late Lewis Mansker. Bertie was born 09/14/14 and died 10/21/?? at St. John's Mercy Medical Center in St. Louis from burns she sustained in a gas explosion on 9/14 in a dwelling near Dongola.
NOTE: This seems to me to indicate a positive connection to the family of Lewis Mansker and Betsy Simpkins (see Descendants). This Lewis was a great-grandson of Lewis and Betsy, but what is the connection? -- Dennis

From Harriett Keuhne

I have been trying to find info about my father. He was Harry Devine Parker. His mother was Julia Mansker, and I think her father was John Mansker. Dad was born Sept 24th 1890 in either Rockwood, Il. or Chester, Il. Mom had always told me that my grandmother was Julia Ann Mansker and my grandfather was John Devine Parker and that Dad had been born in Chester, Il. where I still live.
I know that Thaddeus Mansker had a daughter named Julia but I still can't find anything about Julia marrying John Devine Parker. I found my father's death certificate and it had John and Julia as Dad's parents.

From Joe Mansker

I'm looking for information on Alice F. Mansker, my great-grandmother. The 1880 census of Perry co Illinois Lists my great-grandmother as a widow 26 years of age with 3 children James F. age 6 Sara E age 6 and Joseph H. age 3. It also lists a sister Ballard, Lula F, with Spinal Disease.

From Carolyn Allen

I am trying to find the parents of two brothers who migrated to Alabama in the early 1820's. Their names were James Mansker and David Mansker. James lists his birthplace as Pennsylvania. I do not know which one of Ludwig's bunch they are descended from, but I suspect it was one of John's older sons. James middle name was Elliott which seems to run in the Mansker family. David died young in Pickens, Co., AL, but James survived till the 1860 Mobile Co. Federal census at which time his second wife was Amazon Thomas. Please help if you can.
David Mansker was my great-great-great grandfather.

From Joann Porter

I am trying to find information regarding William Wallace Mansker, my great grandfather. After my great grandmother died in Illinois, he moved to Missouri and died three years later at the age of 32. His two children were sent back to their grandparents, The Crains, in Illinois. I would appreciate your posting this for me in hopes of finding some helpful information.

From Bonnie Farley

I am looking for Willie Mansker of Montgomery County (MS) He married Martha Britt. I am looking for his parents.....He is buried in Old Salem Cemetery in Winona, MS.