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Historic Minsker News, Dauphin County PA

The following are articles from the Harrisburg PA Patriot newspaper, generously provided by Minsker descendent .

As always, any corrections, additions, etc., will be greatly appreciated. Just me with the new information.

March 1800: Oracle of Dauphin:
THE ſubſcriber has applied to the Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin County, for the benefit of the acts of Aſſembly of this ſtate, made for the relief of Inſolvent Debtors -- and the ſaid Court have appointed the ſecond Monday of April next, to hear his Creditors and him at the Court houſe in Harriſburg.
JOHN MINSKER, March 12th, 1800

[Yeah, I know it looks funny, but old documents are like that... See for the explanation of why the "s" looks like an "f".]

Harrisburg PA Patriot November 1878:
ADJOURNED ASSIGNEE'S SALE. -- The property of Ludwig Minsker, consisting of a farm of 200 acres, more or less, and 100 acres of fine sprout Chestnut timber land, all situate [sic] in Clarke's [sic] valley, will be offered for sale on Saturday, the 16th day of November, 1878, at 2 o'clock p. m. at the Court House, in Harrisburg, when terms will be made known by A. O. HEISTER, Assignee

Harrisburg PA Patriot September 1895:
The opening of the Dauphin schools, which should have taken place last Monday, was unexpectedly postponed for two weeks on account of a misfortune to Principal William Minsker. While cutting wood at his home last week in Clark's valley the axe slipped and severed the arteries of the right foot.

Harrisburg PA Patriot Feb 19, 1903:
Mrs. John Minsker
Mrs. John Minsker, wife of the master carpenter of the Northern Central Railway Company, died at her home in New York on Tuesday, aged sixty-four years. She formerly lived at West Fairview. Her husband, two daughters and a son survive her.
[I am assuming that she was Eliza Ann McClune, the wife of John Minsker Jr., 1833-1908]

Harrisburg PA Patriot Jan 2, 1905:
James K. Minsker Visiting
James K. Minsker, a freight car repairman employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad has gone to Mifflin owing to the sickness of his sister.
[I am assuming that this is James A. Minsker, b. 1870, son of Charles Minsker and Sarah Krause Minsker, but that's just a best guess based on his age.]

Harrisburg PA Patriot Feb 7, 1909:
Harry Sox and George Minsker, the two children who were bitten by the pet dog of J. S. Sible last week, were yesterday taken to Marietta, where they will undergo the Pasteur treatment for the prevention of hydrophobia. They will be under the care of Dr. Gilliland, and they will remain there at least two weeks and longer if necessary. It will take about a week to tell whether or not the bites of the dog will have any effect upon the children.
Dr. J. H. Oyler was yesterday appointed by the State Veterinarian Person to look for the dogs that are also supposed to have been bitten. He has learned that at three dogs were bitten, but has not found any of them.
[I have no idea who this boy is...]

Harrisburg PA Patriot April 1914:
Hopes of aged Moses Minsker, of Clarks [sic] Valley, to recover his little farm from his son, John, who he haled into court on ejectment proceedings, were blasted yesterday when an April common pleas court jury rendered a verdict in favor of the son.
While Minsker may live with his son he is disfranchised from claiming title to his former home. Some time ago he gave the son the farm, providing he be given a home. Two years ago he said he was compelled to leave because the food was not sufficient to sustain him.

Harrisburg PA Patriot March 1915:
Dauphin, March 19.-- John Minsker was badly injured about the head early tonight when returning from a sale near Harrisburg. When his team reached the Dauphin narrows, it was struck by an automobile, driven by an unknown person.
The wagon was demolished and the horse ran away. Minsker's two sons, Simon and John, were thrown out of the wagon, but their injuries are not serious.
Mr. Minsker came to Dauphin to have his injuries dressed, and returned to the place of the accident with another wagon to bring the boys home. The horse was caught shortly after it broke away.
Mr. Minsker said the number on the automobile was 49,492.

Harrisburg PA Patriot May 8, 1918:
Miss Mary J. Minsker, aged 71 years, died yesterday. The funeral service will be held this evening at 8 o'clock at the funeral parlors of Hawkins Estate, undertakers, 1207 North Third street. Burial will be made tomorrow morning in the Dauphin Cemetery.