Understanding Magic and Karma

Graphical Representation of 16\pi^{2}

I see magic as choice. The physical laws describe cause and effect, but choice has no physical cause. There are moments in our lives when we can influence choice, either in ourselves, in other humans, in other animals, and possibly even in plants. If we could find a way in which minerals or even space can manifest choice, we may be able to influence that choice as well.

Physicists claim that subatomic particles are governed by probabilities. I once wrote a software program in Visual Basic 3 ( a long time ago) which used the random number generator of a computer to constantly choose to move a point on a line to either the right or to the left. I would then sit in front of the computer and attempt to influence the computer’s random number generator with my will to move the point either one way or the other and then make the point reach the edge of the screen. With practice, I was successful in reliably choosing the direction of the moving point and making it touch the edge within a minute. This was a classic Psi experiment.

Any proficiency in real magic will involve learning to control choice. Also, we need to recognize the subtle and frequent examples of magic in our daily life. And further, we also need to be mindful of how our body can send out subtle communications in terms of facial expressions, skin glow, skin temperature, body odor, graceful movements, confidence, and many other subtle communication techniques. These subtle communications techniques are not magic, but they can still be used to project the belief in magic, which is what stage magicians do.

Real magic is pure choice, and not physical communication or physical contact of any kind. Real magic involves telekinesis, telepathy, and other paranormal activity. Skillful prayer is a form of magic.

The best way to become proficient in magic is to work on yourself. Realize that you don’t have to feel pain when you smash your finger; that your heart does not have to break when you lose someone; and that fear is a choice you can live without. There are other ways you can practice making choices that go against cause and effect. When you master choice in yourself, then you are ready to move to more challenging types of magic.

There are natural laws of magic, just as there are natural laws of physics. When you interfere with karma (cause and effect) there is a price to pay. One could write a book about balancing magic with karma, but that is what living life is all about; learning to obey the rules, but also learning how to make exceptions to the rules when it is beneficial overall. One can master pain and fear, and still fit in with those who have not.

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