Harness Feeling and Health with Conductance Meditation

Conductance is key to understanding the science of metaphysics in the Aether Physics Model. As such, conductance is not merely surface conductivity, but it also is the unit of measurement directly associated with the phenomenon of “feeling.” Mainstream science tends to dismiss feeling by placing exclusive trust in rational thoughts; at best, feelings in Western thinking are treated with deep suspicion due to their subjective nature. Our lack of trust and awareness toward our feelings has made our feelings seem unreliable.


Endocrine glands produce hormones; and hormones are associated with very specific feelings.  Hormones cause feeling within us, but we can also produce hormones by choosing feelings. Hormones are essential to many body functions. Our metabolism suffers without adequate hormones, which can lead to degenerative diseases and accelerated aging. Modern medical science prolongs life by repairing the damage done from degenerative diseases and aging; however, rejuvenating the body using natural internal processes is the ideal method for prolonging life and preserving health.

Nutrition and Exercise

A good colon cleansing regime can expel decades of accumulated wastes and toxins. Feed the body with the correct molecules (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fats, proteins, and others), and adequately exercise the body to produce the internal electrical currents and energy needed for regenerating cells.

The Effects of Aging

Our body produces peak quantities of hormones during childhood and throughout our twenties, which cause us to experience many intense feelings. The roller coaster feelings may grow tiring by the time we reach our thirties, and we may tend to not mind when our body slows its hormone production. However, the hormone production continues to decline, and by our forties we could be suffering from hormone deficiency. It is therefore important to keep our feelings active past the age of thirty. We must develop the conscious act of experiencing life through a wide range of feelings If we wish to maintain our youthful health.

Activities with Feeling

Many activities help to stimulate feelings, such as attending and participating in plays, concerts, sporting events, church services, and meditation. A properly structured meditation practice can activate feelings, and conductance meditation is specifically designed for this purpose. During conductance meditation we bring pure feeling into the body; we use the pure feeling of the Aether to stimulate the glands.

Meditation is an Ancient Practice

Conductance meditation draws upon techniques used for thousands of years by yogis and mystics. The meditation can be practiced in the privacy of one’s home or in a group setting. Chanting to the lambdoma music presented below resonates the glands of the body, stimulates the feelings, and tones the vocal chords. The music creates a suitable environment to develop and deepen the meditation practice, while blocking distractions.

The Conductance Meditation Music is copyrighted, but it is available free to download and freely distribute.  The music may seem abrasive to Western ears, much like Tibetan music does.   However, the music is specifically produced on a Lambdoma keyboard to penetrate into the body and help the mind stimulate feelings. It is composed to a key of low F. Learning to chant in a low note, particularly a low F, helps the feeling of the meditation practice reach deep into the lower body.

Meditation in F
Meditation in F with Bell


Meditate in a place with few distractions.  The focus for the eyes can be an altar of your faith, a mirror, or a blank white wall. A soft white light on the upper half of a blank white wall makes an excellent meditation space and helps stimulate the pituitary and pineal glands. A wide and short mirror placed on a wall near the floor will give the sense of sitting in a larger, more spacious room.

Traditional Japanese floor cushions, such as a zabutan and zafu, are well suited for this meditation.  The zabutan is large enough for accommodating the knees and feet, and the zafu lifts the pelvis to the right height.  Blankets and pillows also work fine.

Click on the conductance music player above. Practice chanting “Om” to experience the effect for yourself.  The meditation sounds are designed to harmonize with the body’s voice, molecules and cells. The music is not designed as a common song.

The meditation composition is about thirty minutes in duration. Thirty minute daily meditations produce excellent results. Sit longer sessions only when it feels effortless to do so (use auto repeat on your mp3 player).

It is okay to miss a day if the day is particularly disturbed, but it is best to meditate every day, even when you don’t feel like it.  The practice resets the mind to a peaceful and joyful state after about ten minutes.  Negative or tired feelings preceding the practice will likely disappear by the time the meditation is over.

Assume the seven point posture; sit with the legs crossed or in the position most comfortable for you.

The Practice

Lambdoma Keyboard
Lambdoma Keyboard

Start the music.  Notice the music composes with a constant fundamental note and a changing harmonic/subharmonic note. The harmonic notes are alternating reciprocals of the fundamental; for example, the first harmonic note is 2 times the fundamental.  The second subharmonic note is 1/2 times the fundamental. These harmonic reciprocals are representative of the Yin and Yang concept.  The rational (dualistic) mind lives in Yin and Yang. There are twelve harmonic notes of six pairs of reciprocals, which are evenly distributed over the lambdoma note scale. The drum and bass beats are intended to excite the glands, and help mask background sounds.

The constant fundamental note is the focus for our voice.  Take a deep breath, then slowly exhale all the air from the lungs. Feel the air passing the mouth and nose on the next in-breath while it pours down the throat and spine like water pouring from a glass.  Feel pure Aether feeling pouring in with the breath as the feeling falls to the base of the spine and fills the body. Chant “Om” while dividing half the duration with “ooo” and the other half with “mmm.”

Expel the air from the top of the lungs down toward the bottom, like pressing a bag from top to bottom. Expel all remaining air from the lungs when finished vocalizing.  (Meditation will become easier and the lungs will become cleaner after practicing for a week or so.)  Allow the next in-breath to pour down the spine as in the first. Do not be concerned if you are not satisfied with the “singing” quality of your voice. “Om” is not a song; it is merely a sound for causing vibration within the body.

Endocrine Glands

Endocrine Glands
Endocrine Glands


Feel a sense of pure Aether feeling in the surrounding space on the in-breath. Breathe the pure feeling in through the nose and mouth. Feel the feeling pass through the mouth and nose. Feel the accumulated feelings pooling in the gonads. Allow the feeling of sexuality to become active. (Although this might sound obvious to some people, the feeling of sexuality does not mean one has to perform the sexual act.) The sexual feeling arises from the release of hormones into the blood stream.

The sex hormones are used by the body to perform many important metabolic processes in addition to mating. Having the feeling of sexuality without performing the sexual act is a part of healthy living.

Breathe in pure feeling again from the surrounding Aether and into the gonads for the next nine breaths. The number of repetitions is not as important as the quality of the practice. Sense the raw feeling. Feel the feeling as it passes through the nose and mouth area.  Be aware of the feeling activating the gonads. The feelings expand within the body and into the space immediately surrounding the body. Expanding the feelings a little further each time. Release the hormones into the blood stream.


Allow the breath to pour down and accumulate at the base of the spine. Allow the accumulated feeling to fill the pancreas when exhaling during the chant.  Relax into the pancreas while intoning “Om,” and feel the feelings of work and determination. Determination is also a physiological feeling just as sexual feeling is a physiological feeling. The pancreas releases hormones that simultaneously relax the belly and give a sensation of being able to accomplish things.  Repeat this ten times.  If your initial feeling is different, then follow that feeling instead.  It is more important to relax into your present feeling, or lack of feeling, than it is to rationally force yourself to feel something that is not there.

The purpose of the conductance meditation is to become one with our feelings, as opposed to becoming an analyst of our feelings. Let the rational mind listen to the changing harmonic tones of the music if it will not remain quiet; keep returning awareness to feeling the feelings. This advice becomes easier with practice.


In the next step, follow the same breathing pattern as before, and allow the feelings to rise to the adrenal glands while still feeling sexuality of the gonads and the work feeling of the pancreas. Adrenaline can give a sense of excitement, preparedness, fright, and survival. Feel the adrenaline being released into the blood stream. Allow the pure feeling of surrounding Aether to fill from the base of the spine, through the pancreas, and into the adrenals. Again, it is more important to feel the feelings you actually feel. It may take a week of daily practice to get a handle on the feel of feelings.


Follow the same breathing pattern as before, but allow the pure Aether feeling to fill from the base of the spine up to the thymus gland (heart chakra). Feel the feeling of unconditional love and joy in the thymus gland while maintaining the feelings of the lower organs. The thymus gland shrivels and disappears in most people with age; this is probably through lack of use. Breathing into the thymus gland and expanding the feeling of joy improves our thymus health and our overall personality. The daily practice will not convert us to saints overnight, but the meditation can lead to a fundamental shift in our personality.


The fifth set of intonations are directed to the thyroid gland in the throat (in the Adam’s apple). Feel the feelings developed from previous breaths as the feelings rise to stimulate the hormones of the thyroid. Breathe pure feeling into the thyroid and release the hormones into the bloodstream. Feel the feeling of “caring” and “compassion” that comes from the throat.  If the mind wants to analyze something, let it follow the changing harmonic tones of the music. Blend your awareness with the feelings in the thyroid. Whatever you feel, even if it feels like nothing, it is good enough for now.


Bringing awareness to the feeling of the pituitary may coincide with a sensation of light coming in through the back of the head and shining through the eyes.  The sensation is the feeling of light, as opposed to the observation of light.  The feeling might remind one of flying at very high height.  If the feeling arises, just relax into it without analyzing or trying to capture it.  If the feelings of light and flying high do not rise into awareness, then relax into whatever feeling you feel associated with the pituitary gland.  Learning to feel is not about accomplishment; it is about being.


A sense of anticipation may arise as the pineal gland is approached. The pineal gland is also associated with a feeling of light, and it radiates up from the top of the head.  The feeling starts from the base of the spine, but instead of going up the spine, it creates a bubble around the body as it encapsulates all the other feelings.

The pineal feeling surrounds the body as awareness reaches the pineal gland. The feeling connects forever beyond in a blazing white sensation of Universal experience. The feeling associated with the pineal gland unites with, and harmonizes, the feelings of the other glands, just as the pineal feelings unite with the environment. The feelings of the other glands become muted after months of practice, while the feeling of the pineal gland develops vibrancy, radiance, and aliveness.

Continue sitting quietly after completing the last set of ten intonations and the associated exploration of feelings. Allow the feelings to expand. Notice how feeling the feelings keeps the awareness in the present moment.

Again, reflect on the connection between feeling and conductance. Just as we can be aware of our body mass and how it affects our weight, we can also be aware of our feelings and how they affect conductance in the various locations of our body.  After practicing the conductance meditation daily for six months or so, we are then prepared to develop our skills further.  It is possible to physically affect our environment and objects around us with only our feelings.