The Elegance of the APM Electron Binding Energy Equation

The electron binding energy equation derived in the Aether Physics Model provides a remarkable foundation for calculating and understanding the energies involved in electron shells and orbits. By building the equation from the ground up based on a quantified model of the quantum aether, it gives direct physical insight into the factors determining atomic structure.

The Equation Terms

The equation is elegantly expressed as:

E_b = \frac{{r_{e}}{\frac{\sqrt{Z^2+1}-1}{2}}}{{\alpha_{0}}{\frac{\sqrt{Z^2+1}+1}{2}}}\frac{A_{u}\cdot{Z^2}\cdot{e_{emax}}^{2}{\sqrt[Z^{2}]{2}}}{2\cdot{\lambda_{C}}}

David Thomson and Jim Bourassa
David Thomson and Jim Bourassa


  • A_{u}Quantum Aether unit and magnetic force constant
  • {e_{emax}}^{2} – Electron magnetic charge
  • \lambda_{C} – Compton wavelength
  • r_{0} – Classical electron radius
  • \alpha_{0} – Bohr electron radius
  • Z – Atomic number

Each term in the equation has a clear physical interpretation within the Aether Physics Model framework:

  • {e_{emax}}^{2} represents the electron’s magnetic charge resulting from its angular momentum through the aether.
  • \lambda_{C} captures the quantum unit of action linking the electron’s mass to its spin.
  • r_{0} and \alpha_{0} reflect the toroidal geometry of the electron’s quantum structure.
  • Z encodes the effect of adding incremental electrons around the nucleus.
  • The {\sqrt[Z^{2}]{2}} radical intimates the quantum geometry of electron pairing and shells.
  • The occurrence of the golden ratio (φ, Φ) indicates recursive self-organization of electron dimensions.
  • The combination of constants yields the energy values in electron volts.

The radical and golden ratio factors provide particular insight into the modular build-up of electrons around nuclei. They suggest underlying geometric order emerging from the quantum Aether interactions.

Implications and Values

Deriving an accurate closed-form equation for electron binding energies across the entire periodic table from first principles is an astonishing accomplishment. It provides:

  • A complete quantum mechanical model without probability functions or paradoxes.
  • The ability to predict measurable energies from quantum geometry and spins.
  • A pathway to quantifying all chemical and atomic phenomena from the Aether.
  • Proof that an Aether model can produce granular mathematical predictions.
  • A foundation for deriving further unprecedented physical equations and understandings.

The conceptual impact is arguably even greater than the mathematical feat. Building up quantum mechanics from discrete Aether units rather than abstract principles indicates a profound shift in thinking is possible. By modeling reality from the “ground up” in terms of an underlying Aether, we can move towards a unified physics and mechanics. Equations morph from baffling numerology into glimpses of nature’s geometric designs.

Next Steps

This groundbreaking derivation is just the beginning. Further work is needed to refine the deviation functions and model additional factors like electron shells and nuclear effects. But the breakthrough equation provides a beacon indicating that the fog of quantum mysteries can lift if we are willing to question orthodoxies and rebuild our understanding from elemental principles. It is an exciting time exploring the emerging landscape revealed by following the guiding light of quantized Aether models.

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