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The Hall Effect’s Hidden Relationship to General Relativity

Edwin H. Hall
Edwin H. Hall

In this study, we investigate the hidden connection between the Hall effect and General Relativity theory using straightforward equations in Quantum Measurement Units.

A recent blog post demonstrated that the quantum magnetic flux constant is connected to the Quantum Measurement Units (QMU) magnet flux unit.

The Quantum Magnetic Flux of Phi naught


General Relativity’s Aether Expression

In a previous blog post, it was demonstrated that Albert Einstein’s equation for circular deflection angle is an Aether equation that shows the connection between the length density (mass per length) of large objects and the curl of space.

G\frac{2m_{sun}}{r_{sun}}=8.493\times 10^{-6}\frac{curl}{2}A_{u}

The Hall Effect Verifies Quantum Magnetic Flux

A quantum magnetic flux constant of the Universe, \frac{\text{mflx}}{2}, is a verified concept. Based on this idea, we can propose that the QMU of the electric field (\text{efld}) is also a physical constant of the Universe. This can be achieved by establishing a distinctive relationship, similar to General Relativity, with the \text{mflx}.

\frac{\text{efld}\cdot 2m_{sun}}{r_{sun}}=8.493\times 10^{-6}\frac{\text{mflx}}{2}

There seems to be a constant quantum magnetic flux in the Universe, just as there is a constant quantum electric field. Additionally, the gravitational force constant and the curl of the magnetic force constant are the mechanics leading to the evolution of the electric field and magnetic flux.

Connecting the Electric Field with Gravity

Understanding the connection between magnetic flux and the curl of the magnetic force constant in space is relatively simple. However, clarifying the relationship between the gravitational force constant and the electric field constant has been a challenge. Recent equations have shed light on this connection. Specifically, the quantum magnetic flux of the Hall effect should create a relationship similar to General Relativity. This is based on the length density of the materials used in the Hall effect. This means that the angle of deflection caused by the Hall effect should be directly proportional to the length density of the material used.

If this is the case, then we have accomplished the feat of merging gravity with electric and magnetic forces. Thus we have presented a quantum gravity theory. The experiment on the Hall effect validates the General Relativity theory in the realm of quantum scales.

Understanding the Aether Physics Model Theories

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