How To Calculate The Stretching Of The Aether

Improving General Relativity with Modified Equations

Determine the curl of space, and therefore the electric flux density of space using a modified version of Albert Einstein’s circular deflection angle equation for straight path trajectories near massive objects. Then calculate the force exerted by a massive object on the surrounding Aether. Let us begin with the modified General Relativity equation, which expresses the length density of a massive object as a tensor with the curl of Aether (space):

G\frac{2m_{sun}}{r_{sun}}=8.493\times 10^{-6}\frac{curl}{2}A_{u}

Electric Flux Density

Determine the electric flux density of the space surrounding the Sun using the following relationship:


\frac{2m_{sun}}{r_{sun}}8.493\times 10^{-6}\frac{curl}{2}=6.469\times 10^{34}efxd

The Force Exerted on the Aether

Aether receives a force equal to electric flux density times the Aether force constant:

6.469\times 10^{34}efxd\cdot A_{u}=6.469\times 10^{34}forc

When converted to MKS units, the force equals:

6.469\times 10^{34}forc=2.244\times 10^{33}newton

And so the Sun’s length density (mass per length) exerts force on the Aether equal to 2.244\times 10^{33}newton.

Visualizing Stretched Space

Curved Space Density Gradient
Space stretched inward due to length density of a massive object.

In the accompanying image, the length density depicts the Earth as pulling the surrounding space toward it. The inferred stretching is meant literally, as neutrons pinch space when formed. Each neutron comprises of the space of one electron folded over on top of the space of one proton. Neutrons remaining bound in atoms, remain stable. However, when a neutron ejects from an atom, the magnetic charge and electrostatic charge of the electron and the proton cause the neutrons to unbind, which names “beta-decay.”

Engineering Possibilities

As a non-trivial exercise, these equations have great engineering importance for space transportation over long distances. The Sun stretches the Aether, and similarly the Aether also stretches for more local travel. Building a large galactic traveling spaceship that harnesses the electric flux density caused by the Sun is practical. Stretching space at much smaller scales could allow travel around the Earth in seconds, and to travel to Mars and other planets in minutes.

Increasing the curl of space stretches the Aether, and could manifest by manipulating high density atomic isotopes. I am working on engineering possibilities, and will follow up on my ideas at a later time.

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