Special Hypocrisy Observation of Relativity

The following post describes the Special Hypocrisy Observation of Relativity and is an answer to this question on Quora:

Suppose a spirit being who can contemplate much of the universe moves his hand from side to side. And the distance between your hands is 900000km, and do it in a second. What would relativist laws look like for this being?


There are more assumptions in this question than those given. There is the assumption that spiritual beings can be seen by physical beings. There is the assumption that spiritual beings have hands that mimic the hands of physical beings. In addition, there is the assumption that spiritual beings take up space the same as physical beings.

In the span of 900000 km, the spiritual being would be encompassing the same space as countless other spiritual and physical beings. If space is not discrete, there cannot be discrete, separate observers, and neither can there be points of reference to determine velocities from.

Inconsistent Postulates of Special Relativity

Although Relativity theories claim as a postulate that there is no absolute space between objects, Relativity theories also assume that the space and material of the observers are, in fact, discrete and absolute. There cannot be any reference point for relative velocities if the positions of the moving objects are not also discrete and absolute.

In Special Relativity theory the focus is on the position and velocity of the photon, but the position and velocities of the photon emitter and photon receiver must be absolute in space in order for the interpretation of the photon’s behavior to have any meaning.

In Special Relativity theory the focus is on light being emitted from one object and then being received by another object. Special Relativity theory places the focus on an absolute speed of photons while ignoring the absolute locations of the emitter and receiver.

Special Hypocrisy Observation of Relativity

Your question thus exposes yet another fallacy surrounding the Special Relativity theory, of which this fallacy should be named the “special hypocrisy observation.” Relativity theories both imply and demand absolute space in determining the positions and velocities of the relatively moving emitter and receiver, and yet Special Relativity theory denies the existence of absolute space for the photons moving between them.

The relative velocity of the emitter and receiver is determined by the amount of distance an object moves in a certain amount of time. In order for any velocity to be stated with certainty, the distance and the time involved in the velocity must be measurable within a discrete environment. Therefore the emitter and receiver are being measured from within an absolute space, which is an Aether.

Postulates are the Cause of Unnecessary Complexity in Physics

The postulates of Special Relativity do not actually dispose of the need for Aether in physics. Postulates just make an unnecessarily complicated mess out of understanding the structure of space. The mess is created by postulates that affect only the position and behavior of the photons in space, while still assuming the emitter and receiver exist in absolute space; and then the physicists magically ignore the absolute space involving the emitter and receiver.

Sleight of Hand
Special Hypocrisy Observation of Relativity

Sleight of Hand Confusion

Special Relativity theory is just an inadvertent sleight of hand trick perpetrated by people who do not fully comprehend the scope of the problem they are trying to solve. The physicists forgot to account for the fact that the conditions for the emitter and the receiver demand absolute space (and since time is a subset of space, there also must be absolute time). Special Relativity theory did not eliminate the Aether from physics. The physicists merely lost sight of the fact that they still used the Aether to determine the position and velocity of the emitter and receiver.

Fixing the Inconsistency of Physics

To fix the inconsistency problem of Aether perceptions, all that needs to be done is to drop the Special Relativity postulates and go back to viewing the physics in terms of an Aether. Space is absolute, and photons must always travel at c in the local space. The local space can move relative to other regions of space, hence the Aether drags with the Earth as determined by Hendrik Lorentz. The Lorentz transformations remain valid; it is the time dilation interpretation that must be disposed of.

The Michelson Morley experiment did detect a fluid Aether, and General Relativity theory uses Riemann curvature mathematics to describe an Aether density gradient around massive objects. Physics is so much simpler when the foundation of the physical Universe, Aether, is acknowledged and incorporated into the physics.

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