Basic Equations of the Aether Theory

The Aether theory bases on the structure of space. Space is not the same thing as volume, although space does have volume. Space also has other characteristics; however, since space is often used to mean volume, I will use the term Aether in this explanation.

Aether Unit

Properties of the Aether

Aether has the property of volume, as mentioned, and Aether also has the property of resonance (frequency squared). The resonance of Aether refers to temporal characteristics of the Aether, which are an oscillation between forward and backward time, and also an oscillation between right temporal torque and left temporal torque. The Aether also possesses the property of mass in the same way that the units of potential, resistance, energy, momentum, magnetic flux, and others also possess the dimension of mass. Most importantly, Aether also possesses the property of charge, and there are two distinctly different types of charges; electrostatic charge and magnetic charge. And Aether also has geometry; the geometrical curvature constant of Aether is equal to 16\pi^{2}.

In terms of MKS units, a quantum Aether unit is equal to:

(1)   \begin{equation*}   A_{u}=1.419 \times 10^{12}\frac{kg\cdot m^{3}}{sec^{2}\cdot coul^{2}}\end{equation*}

which is the same as 16\pi^{2} times Coulomb’s electrostatic constant:

(2)   \begin{equation*}   A_{u}=16\pi^{2}\cdot k_{C}\end{equation*}


Quantum Measurements Units (QMU)

In a system of units where:

m_{a}=3.268\times 10^{15}kg – mass of the Aether

\lambda_{C}=2.426\times 10^{-12}m – Compton wavelength

F_{q}=1.236\times 10^{20}Hz – quantum frequency

{e_{a}}=2.241\times 10^{4}coul – Aether magnetic charge

then the Aether unit expresses as:

(3)   \begin{equation*}   A_{u}=\frac{m_{a}\cdot {\lambda_{C}}^{3}\cdot {F_{q}}^{2}}{{e_{a}}^{2}}\end{equation*}

Casimir Equation is Magnetic Force of the Electron

Subatomic particles are created in Aether units when the Aether unit absorbs a string of mass (dark matter) while producing photons. Photons are created via the Casimir effect (for electrons) and nuclear fission/fusion (for protons). The Casimir effect was predicted by Hendrick Casimir who theoretically produced the equation:

(4)   \begin{equation*}   \frac{\pi \cdot h \cdot c}{480 \cdot L^{4}}A=2.208\times10^{-4}newton\end{equation*}

The Casimir equation is approximately equal to:

(5)   \begin{equation*}   A_{u}\frac{{e_{emax}}^{2}}{{\lambda_{C}}^{2}}=forc\end{equation*}

where {e_{emax}}^{2} is the magnetic charge of the electron and forc is the unit of force in the Quantum Measurements Units. To see the math in greater detail, click here.

Photons are also transferred among atoms via the Aether. When the angular momentum of an electron jumps an orbital within an atom, it produces a photon:

(6)   \begin{equation*}   phtn=h\cdot c\end{equation*}

where h is the Planck constant for the angular momentum of the electron and c is the speed of photons in the Aether. Notice that h\cdot c appears in Casimir’s equation, which also refers to the photon.

Subatomic Particles Construct from Aether

The subatomic particles are themselves photons captured within an Aether unit, and the captured photon is given a quantity of magnetic charge by the Aether unit, which is proportional to the mass of the subatomic particle angular momentum.

A_{u}=\frac{h \cdot c}{{e_{emax}}^{2}}=electron

and the same is true for the proton and the neutron:

A_{u}=\frac{h_{p} \cdot c}{{e_{pmax}}^{2}}=proton

A_{u}=\frac{h_{n} \cdot c}{{e_{nmax}}^{2}}=neutron

Fundamental Forces

The fundamental forces all have the common factor of Gforce. Gforce has the value and dimensions of:

(7)   \begin{equation*}   Gforce=1.21\times 10^{44}newton\end{equation*}

which is equal in Quantum Measurements Units to:

(8)   \begin{equation*}   Gforce=m_{a}\cdot \lambda_{C}\cdot {F_{q}}^{2}\end{equation*}


The fundamental force constants express in terms of Gforce as:

A_{u}=Gforce\cdot \frac{{\lambda_{C}}^{2}}{{e_{a}}^{2}} – Magnetic Force Constant

k_{C}=\frac{Gforce}{{16\pi}^{2} }\cdot \frac{{\lambda_{C}}^{2}}{{e_{a}}^{2}} – Electrostatic Force Constant

G=Gforce\cdot \frac{{\lambda_{C}}^{2}}{{m_{a}}^{2}} – Gravitational Force Constant

Gforce Gives Rise to the Aether

The Gforce creates the Aether, and the Aether is itself the magnetic force constant, which is why the Aether imparts magnetic charge to captured photons. The Aether also imparts electrostatic charge to captured photons as the Aether has an electrostatic dipole structure and the captured photons reside on one dipole or the other.

The Gforce is the cause of the Aether and therefore the Gforce exists outside of the Aether, and therefore the Gforce is able to impart gravity to both dark matter and to the captured photons within the Aether; hence dark matter gravitationally interacts with the physical matter of galaxies.

Aether is Anathema in the Standard Model

Mainstream physicists presently ignore the Aether; however, when the physics are properly understood, it is seen that Aether is the foundation of all physical existence. The structure of space, the structure of subatomic particles, the speed of photons, and the fundamental forces themselves are all understood in terms of the Aether. In the Standard Model of Particle Physics, the physicists have thrown the baby out with the bathwater and as a result they have unconnected theories with all kinds of weirdness and probability explanations. When the Aether is understood, everything fits together smoothly as one coherent physics theory that unifies the forces, and explains how the entire physical Universe is constructed. For more information about the Aether, read Secrets of the Aether by David W. Thomson III.

Quantum Field Theory is the inescapable result of the reality of the Aether.

Even as physicists deny the quantum Aether unit as the foundation of all existence, the Standard Model physicists have had to develop a quantum field (Aether) theory in order to make progress in physics. Mainstream physicists should just accept the fact that the Aether exists, and work with the Aether theory if they are going to accept Quantum Field Theory.

This post is adapted from the Quora space, Aether Physics Model.

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