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I have started a group of interested researchers and incorporated the Quantum AetherDynamics Institute.  The purpose of QADI is to develop the Aether Physics Model and explore its validity.  Data is collected with our modest lab stocked with used equipment. Some of the equipment is shown below, but we have a larger stock of equipment and parts to select from.

On the left is a Nicolet 110 digital storage oscilloscope.  On the shelf are several copper and aluminum spheres. 

The centerpiece for the lab is the HP Agilent 34970A DAQ Switch with 34901A module.  A panel with 28 bnc receptacles was removed from an old reel to reel tape recorder and converted for use as a switchboard for the HP 34970A.  Shown above the DAQ switch are an HP 465A amplifier, Fluke 1910A multicounter, and a Ballantine 6310A test oscillator.  

In the rack mount unit to the right is are 7 ComGeneral 2172 distribution amplifiers, 2 DataCheck 1880 scan/scopes, a Tektronix Type RM 503 oscilloscope, a Datapulse 110B pulse generator, an HP 5328A universal counter, an HP 3320B frequency synthesizer, a Power Ten variable power supply, and a Titan power conditioner for the rack.

In the summer of 2009, I built the shell for the new lab. Hopefully, we will be able to finish the new lab and resume multiple experiments in progress.

New Lab