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New York Times

Dec. 20, 1907, p. 4, col. 4.

My Apparatus, Says Tesla

Confident, However, That Wireless Telephony is Entirely Possible.

To the Editor of the New York Times:

I have read with great interest the report in your issue of to-day that the Danish engineer, Waldemar Poulson, the inventor of the interesting device known as the "telegraphone", has succeeded in transmitting accurately wireless telephonic messages over a distance of 240 miles.
I have looked up the description of the apparatus he has employed in the experiment and find that it comprises:
(1) My grounded resonant transmitting circuit; (2) my inductive exciter; (3) the so-called "Tesla transformer"; (4) my inductive coils for raising the tension on the condenser; (5) my entire apparatus for producing undamped or continuous oscillations;

(6) my concatenated tuned transforming circuits; (7) my grounded resonant receiving transformer; (8) my secondary receiving transformer. I note other improvements of mine, but those mentioned will be sufficient to show that Denmark is a land of easy invention. The claim that transatlantic wireless telephone service will soon be established by these means is a modest one. To my system distance has absolutely no significance. My own wireless plant will transmit speech across the Pacific with the same precision and accuracy as across the table.

Nikola Tesla
New York, Dec. 19, 1907