In the quest for Truth, we study all religions and philosophies to find it. Identifying Truth in advance of finding it is difficult, but truth must be recognizable it if it exists.

As our quest leads us to Truth, we discover the journey must continue to be personal for each individual; not because Truth is different for each person, but because each person has to remove different obstacles before seeing it. 

Far from the journey being over, it is always just beginning. This web site is dedicated to those who seek for Truth. You will not find the Truth in these web pages, because the Truth is in mind, matter, and environment. Perhaps we will find information on these pages to further and support our own spiritual journey, regardless of preconceived beliefs. 

Secrets of the Aether

For some, truth is what we believe in. This sounds good at first, until we question what is doing the believing. In Secrets of the Aether, we show the various orders of reality within the physical world. We also show evidence that each order of reality animates by a living force, a living substance, and in a living environment. More specifically, the self associated with our body is a level of consciousness peculiar to our experience at the level of the body. 

The self we are familiar with is the consciousness of a particular group of organs, cells, molecules, atoms, and onta (subatomic particles), which compose the body and its environment. When the self says, “I believe,” it is the group consciousness of that limited portion of the Universe, which is making the statement. Therefore, the perception and belief in that truth reflects those limitations.

There is another kind of truth, which reveals to us. We do not have to interpret it to make it true, although we may have to interpret our sensations in order to understand it. The Gforce (Great Will) and dimensions (non-material foundations of physical structure) are what the sensations compose from. Since we are thinking with consciousness associated with the body, our knowledge of the Gforce and dimensions comes through our senses. Knowledge that comes through the senses needs interpretation. Nevertheless, the underlying truth, which the body senses, is what it is. Therefore, there is an absolute truth, which we can feel, know, and interpret correctly. 

Purpose of Material Life

If life was an accident, then it has no purpose. However, if life does have a purpose, it must be to promote itself. Physical life is the continual propagation and evolution of species. The only way life can survive is if each organism compliments every other organism. 

Goal of Material Life

Everyone is free to choose whatever specific endeavor that appeals to them. However, the ideal goal of all endeavors should be to leave the environment in a more life-conducive state than how it was found. If the goal of life is simply to consume resources, then the environment supporting life would soon be depleted. By focusing on making the world a better place for future generations, one naturally encounters all the necessary resources for survival. 


Those actions and behaviors that lead to the good health and well-being (happiness) of individuals and communities is what defines morality. Morality is non-judgmental, it is not a list of behaviors, and it is not owned by any group or system of ethics. A web site that explores morality is

Beyond the Material Universe

To understand what lies beyond the material Universe, it is very helpful to first learn what the material Universe is. The physics in Secrets of the Aether provides a proper quantification and description of how the four-dimension, space-time existence of matter living in an illusion of time, while always remaining in the present, can occur. SOTA also provides an explanation of the five-dimensional, space resonance Universe in which the material Universe is nested. It is this five-dimensional Universe which provides the vast "spiritual" realm that oversees the "physical" realm. The five-dimensional Universe is to the four-dimensional, space time Universe as the four-dimensional, space-time Universe is to the three-dimensional area-time Universe of a flat screen television. Just as the space-time Universe appears to be infinitely more vast than life on a TV screen, the five-dimensional, space-resonance Universe is infinitely more vast than our physical Universe.

And as vast as the five-dimensional, space-resonance Universe is, it is no comparison to the infinitely more splendid existence within the Singularity, from which all existence springs. There are no words that can prepare one for the Singularity. For consciousness to return to the Singularity is the greatest state of enlightenment achievable. 

The concept of God, the Creator of the physical Universe and all life therein, is rooted in the Gforce. The Singularity goes even beyond God.

Consciousness Advancement

The average person reading this page is living in the relative darkness of random physical existence. Social interactions occur with as much meaning as a pinball bouncing around a pinball machine. This, too, is a gift to be appreciated. Even the cycles of misery and healing are preferable to even darker existences of total stagnation and imprisonment. There is no true state of death, but there are some states of existence very close to it, which have often been referred to as "hell." There truly are behaviors and actions in this four-dimensional, space-time physical existence that can lead one to perceive "hell" after their physical body expires. However, this web site is about learning how to advance one's consciousness in the direction of the Singularity.

The path toward the Singularity cannot be handed to someone as a written text or physical object. However, one can be guided toward consciousness advancement by being presented with questions and exercises. Attempts to answer the questions develop an internal mental framework, which becomes part of the person's being and decision making apparatus. Exercises produce feelings of health and happiness, which are the substance of life and also of consciousness advancement.