The Aether Physics Model fills a void in modern science. Whereas the physical matter of the Universe is tangible and quantifiable, the space that matter resides in is both intangible and also quantifiable. Just because space is not physical matter does not mean space is unreal or lacks quantifiable structure. At Quantum AetherDynamics Institute we are providing the tools and equations for properly understanding the quantum structures of both matter and the space it resides in.

Secrets of the Aether Book Cover
The first project of Quantum AetherDynamics Institute was to formally present the Aether Physics Model to the scientific community. Our research shows at least a dozen significant improvements toward understanding quantum and classical physics. Each time we submitted papers to "prestigious" publications, we were rejected out of hand because we present "Aether" as the structure of space. When David Thomson and Jim Bourassa were invited to the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theories (PIRT 2006) conference at Imperial College in London in 2006, Steven Weinberg showed up. His only interest in our work was to prevent others from hearing it, so he had the speaking time for the Aether Physics Model changed from 10:00am to 1:00pm, which was just after the lunch break. He then invited everyone in the conference to lunch and attempted to keep them over during our speaking time. Half of the conference returned to hear our presentation.

Just before the conference began, my cousin (who attended with me) and me met Mr. Weinberg and his wife. The conversation started very friendly until he found out who I was. Then he asked me where I got my PhD in physics. When I told him I didn't have a PhD he said, "I don't want to talk to you until you get a PhD in physics."

For some people, science is a career, and not the pursuit of truth. Instead of giving a critical analysis of the work presented, the academic community chooses to protect their investment in the Standard Model. Instead of looking for answers, our scientific leaders are looking for prestige and money. Like any other enterprise, when an outsider shows up who can do a better job for less money, the goal of the establishment is to destroy any possibility of success that threatens the job security of the status quo.

Our only recourse to this type of hostile environement is to promote our book, Secrets of the Aether, which lays a broad foundation for reorganizing quantum physics and classical physics theories. To this end, Secrets of the Aether is available to the public free of charge. Secrets of the Aether is also available as a color laser printed manuscript from Read our work and determine for yourself whether a system of quantum physics, which is an extension of Classical Mechanics, and which unifies the fundamental forces, and simplifies our understanding of space and matter, is better than the probability-based nonsense that passes for quantum physics, today.

Our mission is to quantify all science within the framework of Classical Mechanics. The Aether Physics Model (APM) provides the quantified explanations for unifying the forces, identifying the structure and properties of space and the underlying physics of space using simple Newtonian style equations.  

The APM bases on the principles of Classical Mechanics and successfully predicts the 1s orbital binding energies of electrons in ALL atoms from first principles. It demonstrates, mathematically, that there are two distinct and different types of charges; electrostatic charge and magnetic charge. The APM mathematically demonstrates the notation of charge should always be distributed (squared) relative to the linear dimension of mass.  

The Aether Physics Model shows there is order in the Universe all the way down to the most primary elements of creation by using the simplest dimension-based mathematics.

A New Foundation for Physics

A 25 page introduction to the Aether Physics Model that provides the essential insights.

Calculation of Unified Force Theory

See immediately why the Aether Physics Model improves our understanding of physics.

Electron Binding Energy

Using the Aether Physics Model to precisely model atoms.